Where does Syracuse’s schedule rank among hardest in college basketball this season?

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May 8, 2014
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October 8, 2015

Syracuse, N.Y. — It used to be a sensitive subject around these parts although, over the years, the national criticism seems to have tempered.

Syracuse’s men’s basketball team doesn’t play anyone during the non-conference schedule. Syracuse’s men’s basketball team doesn’t leave the state of New York. You remember what it was like.

Well, there’s no reason to take any guff this year.

While it likely won’t be as tough as Duke, Kansas or Kentucky, Syracuse’s full-season schedule is slightly above average for a power-five program in terms of degree of difficulty. Of the 65 power-five schools, Syracuse’s regular-season schedule looks like the 25th toughest as the year is set to start.

» Syracuse’s 2015-16 schedule

In order to project each team’s strength of schedule, I took the season-ending RPI for each opponent according to ESPN.com and created an overall average.

There are admittedly holes with this method, just like any attempt to calculate strength of schedule. It doesn’t calculate for home-court advantage. In order to calculate neutral-site tournaments, I took the average RPIs of the possible opponents. Teams aren’t likely to finish exactly where they did the year before.

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